What Kind Of Leader Are You?

October 20, 2011

How do you communicate to motivate your team? Knowing how to inspire others is an essential attribute of great leadership.

At Retail Fundamentals we have developed The Outside In Method to help retail owners transform their businesses so that they attract and keep more customers and turn them into loyal fans. The resulting positive benefits include: their businesses are more profitable, their businesses increase in value, owners free up more of their own time and their staff become much happier and more loyal. An important part of the work we do is in the area of personal leadership. I have a favourite proverb that I cite frequently.

“A fish rots from the head down”


When an organisation fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause.

On Wednesday October 19, 2011 Channel 9 Melbourne reported that:

“Theft is costing Australian retailers almost $2 billion a year, with online technology making it easier to sell the stolen goods, according to a British group that measures global retail theft.

The Centre for Retail Research says consumers are paying for the thieving, with the average Australian family being burdened with a $284 annual “honesty tax” in increased prices to compensate for retail loss.”

This report continued by stating:

The research shows that employees account for about 40 per cent of retail thefts, followed by shoplifters at 37 per cent, with administrative errors making up the remainder.

Items that are targeted include shaving products, clothing accessories, perfume and alcohol.

Checkpoint Systems Australia and New Zealand general manager Mark Gentle said employees were not only stealing for their own use, but also to make money.

“There is anecdotal evidence that some retailers have caught single staff members reselling over an astonishing $200,000 worth of stolen stock online,” he said.

Are these the actions of loyal and committed staff?

To be a great leader who engenders loyalty you must be loyal to yourself first.

There may be times when you need to lead your staff through a period when an extra special effort is required. Perhaps you need their support to work outside of their regular hours, or work with fewer staff, to work on a public holiday or complete a task that is outside of their usual role or even to work for free. How you ask and the response you get will depend on what kind of leader you are.

Effective leadership can be taught. To what extent your leadership develops depends on several things including:

  • Your reason for wanting to become a better leader.
  • Your commitment to becoming a better leader.
  • Your personal vision.
  • How much you care about yourself, before you start caring for others.
  • The quality of your role models, mentors and teachers.
  • Your personal values
  • Your effort.
  • Your patience.
  • How you hold yourself accountable.
  • The strength of your faith.


Choose to become the type of leader that others want to follow and be loyal to. 

You have to do the hard work – first!

We are here to help YOU.

To your success.

Written by: Leon Skaliotis – Founder, Retail Fundamentals.

Leon is an accomplished business coach and retail specialist in Melbourne, Australia, who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create highly profitable businesses byattracting shoppers and converting them into loyal fans.

To receive your free copy of “Retail Secrets Every Owner Should Know” click www.retailfundamentals.com.au

You can contact Leon on +61 425 83 3344                                                                                                                        or email info@retailfundamentals.com.au



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