Are You Ready For Success in Retail?

November 7, 2011

There’s a story about a proud young man who came to the noted, quite muscular philosopher Socrates asking for knowledge. He walked up to Socrates and asked, 

“O great Socrates, I come to you for knowledge.”

Socrates recognised a pompous numbskull when he saw one.  He led the young man through the streets, to the sea, and chest deep into water.  

Then he asked, “What do you want?” “Knowledge, O wise Socrates,” said the young man with a smile. Socrates put his strong hands on the man’s shoulders and pushed him under. Thirty seconds later Socrates let him up. “What do you want?” he asked again. “Wisdom” the young man sputtered, “O great and wise Socrates.” Socrates crunched him under again. Thirty seconds passed, thirty-five, forty. Socrates let him up. The man was gasping. “What do you want, young man”? Between heavy, heaving breaths the fellow wheezed, “Knowledge, O wise and wonderful…” Socrates jammed him under again. Forty seconds passed. Fifty.  

“What do you want”? “Air!” he screeched. “I need air!” “When you want knowledge as you have just wanted air, then you will have knowledge” a smiling Socrates replied.

Retail Fundamentals was established to help retail owners who really, desperately, passionately, want to be successful.

  • We choose not to work for retail owners who lie!
  • We choose not to work for retail owners who make excuses!
  • We choose not to work for retail owners who are too proud!
  • We choose not to work for retail owners who lay blame!
  • We choose not work for retail owners who aren’t committed!

Are you ready?

When we apply the five step process of The Outside In Method to your business, positive results happen FAST

Are you ready to start attracting more shoppers?

 The first step in The Outside In Method is all about attracting more shoppers.

Do you desperately, passionately want success as much as the young man in the story wanted air?

  •  When you are not ready you lie to your customers.

“Your table will be ready in 5 minutes”, when you know it will be 15 minutes.

  • When you are not ready you make excuses.

“It’s the fault of the GFC-global financial crisis-, no one is spending”.

  • When you are not ready you act too proudly.

“I don’t need any help and I’m certainly not going to pay for it”.

  • When you are not ready you lay blame.

“You can’t get decent staff anywhere these days”.

  • When you are not ready you are not committed.

“If they don’t like how we do things around here, good riddance to them”.

 When you are ready, you become enthusiastic, energetic, focused, open minded, determined, connected, inspired.

  • Don’t waste your time.
  • Don’t waste your money.
  • Don’t waste your health.
  • Don’t waste your relationships.
  • Don’t waste your life.

Get ready or ….Get out!

There is no shame in admitting that retailing is not for you.

Accept it. Move on. Find something that is for you.

To your success,

Leon is an accomplished business coach and retail specialist in Melbourne, Australia, who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create highly profitable businesses byattracting shoppers and converting them into loyal fans.

To receive your free copy of “Retail Secrets Every Owner Should Know” click

You can contact Leon on +61 425 83 3344                                                                                                                        or email


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