Children Are Stupid

June 13, 2012

 It seems that up until now toy retailers have held the belief that children are stupid and their opinion doesn’t matter !

 I came to this conclusion after reading the report titled “Kmart Employs Toy Testers” Inside Retail, 7/6/12.

 “……Discount department store chain Kmart has used a team of 20 ‘toy testers’ to create shopping lists for parents on a budget. 

 As many parents await the mid-year toy catalogues to start planning for birthdays, holiday fun and Christmas, Kmart recruited 20 kids for  the ‘best job in the world’. They were given a selection of toys and asked to play together and select their top 10s. ….”

Hats off to you Kmart, but COME ON,  toy testers only now? I expect better than that from you!!

You see, I a s s u m e d that this would be the standard practice. Yes, I know….never assume………..!

My friends,  I desperately want you to be successful so please understand this fundamental retail principle:

A L W A Y S  have your products or services tested by the intended end user…..continuously! If you are selling toys have them tested by children.

If you are selling coffee then have coffee drinkers test your coffee. You get the idea don’t you?

  • Get feedback.
  • Make adjustments to improve your offering where necessary to the best possible standard in the opinion of the end user.
  • Thank and reward your testers well.
  • Repeat the process.

– You do want to sell lots of what you have to offer, right?

– You do want to make a very good profit, right?

– You do want to be sure that the end user L O V E S  what you are selling , right? Remember, L I K E is not enough; your customers have to L O V E it.

– You do want to know about the latest trends and how they affect your business don’t you?

Apply only this one retail fundamental correctly and consistently and your profits will soar.  Imagine what will happen to your business if you would apply two? Three? Four or more retail fundamentals?

Finally, I want to encourage you to watch the 1988 comedy ‘BIG’ starring Tom Hanks. You’ll enjoy a great family movie AND see today’s retail fundamental in action.

 What Are You Waiting For?


To your abundant success,

Leon Skaliotis – Founder, Retail Fundamentals.

Leon is an accomplished retail specialist in Melbourne, Australia, who  successfully coaches Melbourne retail owners on how to create highly profitable businesses by attracting shoppers and converting them into loyal fans.

To receive your free copy of “Retail Secrets Every Owner Should Know” click:

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