It All Starts Here.

July 23, 2012

When business is slow it’s a great time to practise being PROACTIVE.


Action and result  oriented behavior,  instead of the one that waits for things to happen and then tries to adjust  (react) to them. Proactive behavior aims at  identification and exploitation of opportunities  and in taking preemptory action against potential problems  and threats,  whereas reactive  behavior focuses on fighting a fire or  solving a problem after it occurs.
The average customer will decide within 10 seconds whether or not to enter your business. Therefore, your store front and entrance must be appealing.
The Outside In Method, exclusive to Retail Fundamentals, was developed to help retailers,  because it doesn’t matter how great your products are, how great your prices are or how great your customer service is.  If your store’s exterior gives the impression that it is unloved, prospective customers simply won’t come in.
Therefore, everything you can do to improve the appearance of your store, beginning with the exterior, is critical to your success! If shoppers don’t enter your store, you have no chance of making a sale.  GET STARTED HERE!

To your abundant success,

Leon Skaliotis – Founder, Retail Fundamentals.

Leon is an accomplished retail specialist in Melbourne, Australia, who  successfully coaches Melbourne retail owners on how to create highly profitable businesses by attracting shoppers and converting them into loyal fans.

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