How To Guarantee Longterm Success In Retailing

February 19, 2013

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IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT ACHIEVING longterm success you must stop thinking like a ‘typical’ retailer.

A ‘typical’ retailer thinks,

“I want to sell as much of my stuff as I can,

to as many people as I can,

at the highest price I can charge,

with the least possible cost to me,

and the least possible effort on my part,  

so that I can make as much profit as possible”. If this is your business model, get out of retail as fast as you can!

You will never achieve longterm success if you believe that successful retailing is all about selling as much of “your stuff” as possible to as many people as possible. Retailing has very little to do with selling. People choose to buy or not to buy from you and your store. The “excellent retailer” knows this; that’s why they are successful. I want you to be “an excellent retailer“.  One of the most important fundamental principles you will ever learn is that retailing success is directly proportional to the strength and longevity of your your relationships with people.

The fundamentals I share are designed to help you get ahead more rapidly in your retail business. I have worked in and studied the retail business for more than thirty years. I have read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on retail effectiveness. These are the most powerful principles I have ever discovered. These fundamental principles are practical, tested, proven and  fast working. They will continue producing positive results for you all day today, tomorrow and forever. The more you practise them and the more diligently you apply them, the faster they will become your habits and the faster will be your success – guaranteed.

Think now about your most important relationship with another person.  Are you honest with this person or dishonest? Friendly or unfriendly? Caring or uncaring? Reliable or unreliable. Trustworthy or untrustworthy? Deeply interested or disinterested. Do you remember their name, their birthday, their likes and dislikes? Do you give them gifts to show your affection? When you disagree is that done respectfully or viciously?  Do you do things for them without expectation? How long would you realistically expect this person to stay in an unfulfiling relationship? How long before they started looking elsewhere for their needs to be met? How long before they walked out? Why shouldn’t they?

Most retailers I meet tell me that they need more customers. My response is “what’s happened to the ones who have already been in your store? Are they returning? Who are they shopping with now? Why is that? Are they telling others how wonderful you are and referring them to you? If not, why not?”

What these retailers really need is to make a habit of establishing and nurturing a highly positive relationship with every single person who comes into contact with their retail business.

Imagine if over the next 12 months most customers willingly and enthusiastically referred someone to your store.

What if you had negligible customer defections?

How would a reputation for honesty, friendliness, caring, reliability, genuine interest in people, appreciation, respect, consistency, value and generosity affect your business?

To your abundant success,

Leon Skaliotis – Founder, Retail Fundamentals.

leon 2Leon Skaliotis is a recognised retail consulting specialist in Melbourne, Australia, who successfully coaches Melbourne retail owners on how to create highly profitable businesses by attracting shoppers and converting them into loyal fans.

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